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Welcome to EMS ology

Ems-Ology offers a blend of fitness and wellness.  Our goal is to deliver a complete mind-body transformation.  


Is electrostimulation



EMS (muscle electrolyte stimulation) technology was created specifically for physiotherapy and rehabilitation having achieved good results, due to its effectiveness it was adapted to fitness, in this way all people have simultaneous access to training and treatment.


Training with muscle electrostimulation consists of a plan of exercises that meet the specific objectives of each client, objectives such as losing weight, toning, and increasing muscle mass, among others.


After several scientific studies, it was found that 20 minutes are enough to get good results. With this new technology, we were able to work 350 muscles simultaneously and speed up metabolism up to 48 hours after training.

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How does electrostimulation work?

During EMS training, gentle movements are enhanced by electrostimulation allowing a metabolism 6 times faster than normal exercise.


Electrostimulation technology allows about 90% of the body's muscles to work simultaneously in a high-intensity regimen - 30-40 contractions per second in each muscle in a total of about 40,000 muscle contractions in a 20-minute session. The intensity is adapted to each person allowing maximum comfort.

After training, and thanks to the effect of accelerating metabolism, the muscles are in "functioning" for an extended period allowing you to extend the benefits and results achieved far beyond the time of the session.

Safety is our priority
In strict compliance with the standards defined by the Directorate-General for Health.

How does Draining of the lymph nodes work?


The Ballancer Pro is FDA Approved and Non-invasive. It provides stimulation to help the lymph fluid to pass through the nodes by applying light systematic pressure for both the upper and lower body.

This technology kick-starts the body’s regenerative processes and supports the facilitation of flushing out swelling, eliminating toxins, lactic acid, and muscle soreness.

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